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Night Vision Monoculars PBS14

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Night Vision Monoculars PBS14

There is a wide variety of night vision monoculars available on the World Marketplace. The most popular are PVS-14, MUM-14 as well as couple of other leading models. PBS14 has gathered the most up-to-date technological advancements, currently developed. The PBS14 is “loaded” with unique features and surpasses the most popular models.


The device comes with a choice of several image intensifier tubes:

Gen 2+, Gen 3, ECHO*

Contact us for more details on tubes specifications and availability

* ECHO is the registered trademark of Photonis Technologies S.A.S.


Optical Magnification

1X (Unity)

Objective Lens System

27mm Focal Length, f/1.2

Focusing Range

0.25m .. Infinity

Diopter Adjustment Range

-6 .. +4

Built-In IR Illuminator


IR-On Indicator


Light Overload Protection

Yes: Automatic Shut-Off

Any Polarity Battery Insertion


Stow Safety Feature

Power Source


1pc AA or 1pc CR123

Gen 2+ PDF Brochure

Battery Life

Environmental Protection

Up to 40 hours

IP66 or Better (Optional)

Gen 3 PDF Brochure


110x65x55 mm


330 grams

Operating Temperature

-40°C .. +50°C


7 Years, Limited


Available Worldwide **

** Canadian Export Permit Required. GSCI provides assistance in applying for the Export Permit.


Removable Daytime Filter to protect Intensifier Tube from over-exposure to bright light. Small hole at the front for testing/daytime purposes.
AA Battery Extender enables the user to switch between CR123 battery and AA battery power.
Standard Neck Cord to carry lighter GSCI systems.
Soft Pouch for transporting GSCI systems. Compact and lightweight with many internal compartments for storing accessories alongside your system.
Hard Carrying Case for GSCI systems. Rugged and Durable to protect its contents from being damaged during transportation. Foam interior.

PBS14 Monocular

Daytime Filter

AA Battery Extender

Neck Cord

Soft Pouch

Hard Case

Gen 3 Models


Hands-Free Operation

Standard Head Gear GSCI PHG-7 with PVS bracket only. Also known as Skull Crusher. Sturdy material, no flip-up option.
S-Arm Adapter Interface to enable hands-free operation. Compatible with some GSCI systems, comes only in PVS (Bayonet) style bracket.
Standard Flip-Up Helmet Mount GSCI HM-714R-C with Straps. ITAR-Free. Exportable worldwide.
Advanced Flip-Up Helmet Mount GSCI HM-714XM-SR. Shroud-Ready. Lightweight and Durable, available PVS and Dovetail type brackets. Flip-Up off.
Advanced Flip-Up Helmet Mount GSCI HM-714XM-C with Straps. Lightweight and Durable, available PVS and Dovetail type brackets. Flip-Up off. Low-Profile Flip-Up Helmet Mount GSCI HM-714LP-SR. Shroud-ready. Lightweight Aluminum, extra Durable. Available PVS and Dovetail type brackets. Low-Profile Flip-Up Helmet Mount GSCI HM-714LP-C with Straps. Lightweight Aluminum, extra Durable. Available PVS and Dovetail type brackets.
J-Arm Adapter Interface to enable hands-free operation. Compatible with many GSCI systems, comes in PVS (Bayonet) or Dovetail style brackets.

NOTE: For Hands-Free Operation of PVS-14C and PBS14 J-Arm or S-Arm Adapter is Required

J-Arm Adapter Interface

Firearm Mounting

Quick Release Mount QR-14. Use to mount compatible GSCI Night Vision systems to standard Picatinny rail.

Quick Release Mount QR-14

Image Capture

Smartphone Camera Adapter CAS-14


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