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WOLFHOUND-MS: Compact Thermal Weapon Sight

gsci wolfhound-ms compact thermal weapon sight

Thermal weapon sights WOLFHOUND Series have been a big hit among hunters all over the world. By popular demand, GSCI brings out a compact and more affordable thermal sight for light-recoil firearms and short-range engagements: the WOLFHOUND-MS. It features a high-performance FPA paired to a “fast” 25mm f/1.0 Germanium objective lens that provides wide field of view and higher situational awareness. WOLFHOUND-MS has a battery life of 5 hours on a single battery pack containing only 2 AA batteries. The device is loaded with a stack of useful features and offers a variety of options for result-oriented Clients.

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50Hz Refresh Rate

Stadiametric Rangefinder

Up to 5 Hours Battery Life

Environmental Protection

Lightweight and Shock Resistant

4+4 Reticle Patterns

8 User-Configurable Profiles

24/7 Operational Capabilities


Silent, Shutterless FPA with Auto-NUC Technology

Designed and Made in Canada. ITAR-Free System

Available for Export Worldwide

Best Value for Money

WOLFHOUND-MS with attached Low Profile Mount

Demist Shield

2 Quick-Swap Battery Holders

Video-Out Cable

Soft Carrying Pouch

Hard Watertight Case

User Manual and Warranty Card




Remote Control Unit with video-out socket


Portable Digital Video Recorder. Records and plays videos and takes still images. Comes with SD card and USB adapter.


Connects the device to a computer to stream, record video or take still images.


Compact unit with high-res microOLED display: streams (mirrors) video image from the device

Optical Magnification


Objective Lens Focal Length


Objective Lens F-Number


Field of View


Focusing Range

0.25m .. Infinity

FPA Resolution and Pitch

384x288, 17um

FPA Type

Uncooled, a-Si, Shutterless, Silent, Auto-NUC (Uninterrupted Operation)

FPA Sensitivity


FPA Refresh Rate


Digital Zoom

2X and 4X


AMOLED, Colour, 800x600

Imaging Modes

1 Monochrome + 8 Colour

Max. Detection Human (1.7x0.5m)


Max. Detection Vehicle (2.3x2.3m)


Accepted Batteries

2pcs AA (Lithium Recommended)

Battery Life

Up to 5 Hours

Environmental Protection *

IP66, IP67 or Better (Optional)

Dimensions, mm


Weight, grams


Operating Temperature

-40C .. +50C

* For required IP rating contact us

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