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Quadro II: Multi-Mode Hybrid Optical-Electronic System

QUADRO II is a hybrid optical-electronic observation and aiming system with cross-platform integration capability.

It can be used either as a hand-held unit or be integrated into any new or existing platform: unmanned aircrafts, maritime vessels, watchtowers, military vehicles, helicopters and many others.

Cross-platform integration capability allows end users to independently configure, adjust, and customize the system.

Superposition of modes achieves 100% detection of objects regardless of temperature and lighting conditions.



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Multi-Channel Observation

Real-Time Lag-Free Image Fusion

Night-Time Channel

Day-Time Channel

Thermal Imaging Channel

Universal Power Supply

Full Environmental Protection

Rugged Enclosure

Completely Silent Operation

Designed and

Made in Canada


Integration-Ready Solution


Standalone System

Imaging Channels

Thermal, Night-Time, Day-Time

Operation Modes


Image Fusion

Yes, Real-Time

100% Detection Capability


FPAs Available

384x288 @ 50Hz and 640x480 @ 25Hz

Objective Lenses Available

25mm f/0.83 and 50mm f/1.0

Power Source

4AA Batteries and External Power Supply

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