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QUADRO-X: The Universal Multi-Sensor Surveillance Complex

* Patented

We at GSCI are proud to present the first in the world and the only, unique Multi-Channel Augmented Vision Surveillance Complex: The New QUADRO-X Series*.

Its multiple optical-electronic channels operate in-sync and span across visible, near- and long-wave-infrared ranges of spectrum. Thanks to the GSCI's cutting-edge Proprietary technologies and techniques implemented in this Canadian-made system, successful 100% detection is made possible.

In addition to the above, this multi-role station QUADRO Series is equipped with GPS, Laser Rangefinder (LRF), Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC) and Inclinometer, which elevate it to next level in target acquisition.

  • Highlights

  • Specifications

Multi-Channel Observation

Real-Time Lag-Free Image Fusion

Night-Time Channel

Day-Time Channel

Thermal Imaging Channel

Dedicated I2T-Based Channel

Laser Rangefinder

Digital Magnetic Compass



Built-In Video Recorder

Universal Power Supply

Completely Silent Operation

Designed and

Made in Canada

Imaging Channels

Thermal, Night-Time, Day-Time, I2T

Operation Modes


I2T Channel

On-Demand Activation, Dedicated: Gen 2+, Gen 3, XR5 available

Laser Rangefinder

905nm or 1550nm

Image Fusion

Yes, Real-Time

100% Detection Capability


FPAs Available

640x480 @ 25Hz

Objective Lenses Available

75mm f/1.0: Motorized Zoom, Athermalized (optional)

Power Source

8AA Lithium Batteries and External Power Supply